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  1. ShreeNivasa Ramanujadhasan

    Hi Shree Arun Balaji Greetings to you
    Vanakkam. Wish you all the best . I hope you are doing something good Puniya Karma.
    I am praying my Guruji to Bless your efforts. I have downloaded many books from and . I am searching Spiritual ShreeVaishnava ebooks PDF and books about Indian medicine, homeopathy and Allopathic medical research to my iPad .
    I wish to have a good iPad compatible free downloadable Homeopathic Consultancy software.

    A well wisher have gave me this gift of iPad . It has some restrictions to download exe files.
    Okey. Doing the right thing with right motives are ever stand at the feet of Shree Mahalakshminathan.
    Guruve Thunaiyagum; Jaigurudhev.
    Thank you
    Email. :::: .

  2. vanakkam sir unga pdf file padikka mudiyala saar, eppadi padikkirathunnu sollunga saar

  3. Deepa Rani

    Dear Mr. Arun Balaji ,
    You are done a very greatful thing. These collections are useful to every one to develop their personalities. Please continue your collections.

  4. Se.TamilSundar

    vanakam…migha sirappana pani…vaaltthukkal. valargha.

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