Food pyramid-Diet

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Food pyramid-Diet

Food pyramid-Diet

Food pyramid-Diet


Food Pyramid – Dietary Recommendations for adults, combining pleasure and health

Beverages – Abundantly throughout the day

  • Drink 1 to 2 liter (s) of liquid per day, preferably in the form of unsweetened drinks such as drinking water network, mineral water, herbal teas, fruit or herbs.Consume with moderation beverages containing caffeine (coffee, black tea / green).

Fruits and vegetables – 5 per day in various colors

  • Consume three daily servings of vegetables, with at least one form of vegetables (1 serving = min. 120 g vegetable accompaniment, salad or soup).
  • Consume daily 2 servings of fruit (1 serving = min. 120 g = 1 handle).
  • 1 serving of fruit or vegetables per day may be replaced by 2 dl of juice or unsweetened vegetables.

Whole grains & pulses, other cereals & potatoes: each main meal

  • Eat starchy one at each main meal (ie 3 servings per day, 1 portion = 75-125 g 60-100 g of bread or legumes [raw weight] as lentils / chickpeas or 180-300 g of potatoes land or 45-75 g of cereal flakes, pasta, other grains such as corn or rice [raw weight]), including if possible 2 servings as complete products.

Milk, dairy products, meat, fish & eggs: daily sufficiency

  • Consume every day, alternately, one serving of meat, fish, eggs, cheese or other protein sources such as tofu or Quorn (1 portion = 100-120 g of meat / fish [fresh weight] or 2-3 eggs 200 g cream cheese / cottage or 60 g hard cheese or 100-120 g tofu / quorn).
  • Consume more than 3 servings of milk or dairy products per day, prefer low-fat products (1 portion = 2 dl milk or 150 or 180 g yogurt 200 g cream cheese / cottage or 30-60 g of cheese).

Oils, fats & nuts: daily moderation

  • Use 2-3 teaspoons (10-15 grams) per day of vegetable oil of high nutritional value, such as canola oil or olive oil for cold dishes (salad dressings, for example).
  • Use 2-3 teaspoons (10-15 grams) per day of vegetable oil for hot (steaming, roasting): olive oil, for example, is recommended.
  • If desired, use 2 teaspoons (10 g) per day of butter or margarine base oil of high nutritional value for sandwiches.
  • Consumption of 1 serving of nuts per day is recommended (1 portion = 20-30 g almonds or walnuts or hazelnuts etc..).

Sweets, pastries, salty snacks and drinks rich in energy: the pleasure sparingly

  • Sweets, pastries, salty snacks and drinks rich in energy: the pleasure sparingly
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  1. Wilburn Rosenholm

    The new food pyramid provides a handy way to make sure your family gets the nutrition they need, no matter the pace of life. Let’s take a look at how easy it can be to ensure good nutrition. The food pyramid is divided into five major categories: grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meats. We’ll offer suggestions on working these essentials into the daily fare with nary a complaint.;’

    Good day to you

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