Healthier Benefits of OATS/ OAT MEAL

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Healthier Benefits of OATS/ OAT MEAL

Oats : The oat grains are de-husked by impact, then heated and cooled to stabilise the Oat groats”, the seed inside the husk. The process of heating produces a nutty flavour to the oats.

These oat groats may be milled to produce fine, medium or coarse oatmeal. Rolled oats are steamed and flattened whole oat groats. Steel cut oats may be small and broken groats from the de-husking process, these may be steamed and flattened to produce smaller rolled oats. Quick-cooking rolled oats (quick oats) are cut into small pieces before being steamed and rolled.
Instant oatmeal is pre-cooked and dried, usually with sweetener and flavoring added. Both types of rolled oats may be eaten uncooked as in muesli or may be cooked to make porridge. It is also used as an ingredient in oatmeal cookies and oat cakes, or as an accent, as in the topping on many oat bran breads and the coating on Caboc cheese. Oatmeal is also sometimes porridge with the bran or fibrous husk as well as the oat kernel or groat. In some countries rolled oats are eaten raw with milk and sugar or raisins. Oatmeal is also used as a thickening agent in savory Arabic/Egyptian thick meat plusvegetable soups.

The oat nutrition facts presented below would enable us in understanding the benefits of consuming oats on a regular basis. The following oats nutrition facts discuss the importance of oatmeal in cholesterol regulation, weight loss, control of insulin levels, etc.

Weight Managements :
Oatmeal is considered to be the best food for weight loss. It acts as filler and also provides more energy as compared to other carbohydrate diets. Thus, it is considered to be an ideal meal for breakfast.

Cholesterol Management :
People with heart problems are worried about the rising levels of cholesterol in their body and the harmful consequences resulting from it. However, a certain amount of cholesterol is necessary for digestion of fatty acids and the creation of hormones. The oatmeal helps in keeping the level ofcholesterol in check. The little pieces of oatmeal act as absorbents of cholesterol and thus, help in maintaining the Heart healthy.

Prevents Heart Diseases:
The fat content in oatmeal is very less while it is has high fiber content. It reduces the risk of heart diseases. Moreover, the presence of nutrients like calcium, Vitamins (A and B) and iron in oatmeal keeps the heart in a sound state.

Healthy Diet for Children:
Oatmeal is a nutritious diet and has positive effects on the health of children, especially their dental health. Oatmeal is important for strengthening the teeth and in improving their looks.

Effects the Nervous System Positively:
The intake of oatmeal is considered to have a positive effect on the nervous system. The presence of magnesium, potassium and calcium along with B-complex vitamins are useful for the health of the nervous system.

Acts as Anti-depressant:
The intake of oats helps indealing with depression. It has been proven that oats work as an anti-depressant and help in keeping the mind calm. Consumption of unrefined oatmeal is said to reduce stress,while cooked oats helps to get rid of fats.

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