Pictures from a developer’s life – part 2

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Pictures from a developer’s life: part 2

When a thing that worked on Friday no longer works on Monday

When I return to development of my code that wasn’t commented

When a bug goes unnoticed during a presentation

When a newbie suggests to add a new feature to project

When the boss announces a bonus if the project is completed before the deadline

When I realize that I have been blocked for two hours because of a forgotten semicolon

When asked to lend a hand on a Friday afternoon

When the project manager suddenly looks on my screen

When the client tries to click on the mockups

When customer wants to change specification 2 days before pushing to production

When my script finally worked

When I am asked to continue work of a newbie colleague

When I’m told that my code is broken in production

When I find a solution without searching Google

When the intern tells me that “the tests are for those who can not program”

When I manage to replace 200 lines of the algorithm by only 10 lines

Want to see more?

This is the second part of the post Pictures from a developer’s life.

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1 comment

  1. gsundar

    Dear Mr. ArunBalaji,

    I reached your website through Google. I enjoyed your Pictures from a developer’s life – part 2. Though I am not a software developer, I really appreciate your sense of humor; sometimes it is the reality.

    I can measure your efforts required to compile these pictures. I don’t know how you have allotted your time to find out these pictures, while realizing that I could not even devote enough time enjoy these pictures.



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