If U were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month U r number 1….

    If U were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month then U r number

    If U were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th of any month then U r number

    If U were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st of any month then U r number

    If U were born on the 5th, 14th, 23rd of any month then U r number 5…

    If U were born on the 6th,15th,24th of any month then U r number 6…

    If U were born on the 7th,16th,25th of any month then U r number 7…

    If U were born on the 8th,17th,26th of any month then U r number 8…

    If U were born on the 9th,18th,27th of any month then U r number 9…

    Number 1

    You are smart, straight talking, funny, stubborn, hardworking, honest,
    Jealous on competing basis, kind hearted, angry, friendly, authorities,
    Famous person…always want to be and regarded as first on people
    Position, they are often like to be independent, will never be under
    Others, self confident people!

    You are most likely to fall in love in the younger age, but will get
    Marry when you mature! You are likely to have problems with people who have
    opposite views
    And you are most likely to take revenge over your
    Enemies in a long time basis. You are a spender, but you will have a good
    profession in the future.
    If you are guy you will be very popular that everybody will have mental
    attraction and respect at you.
    You can go anywhere from the local shop to the heart of the parliament
    because you are positive and
    Well talented in numerous issues!! But in your life you will always have
    some people who will work hard
    To bring you & your name down. This is undercover!! Coz of your smart
    behavior you will be hated by some
    People too…

    Your family life is very cool, you will have a very nice partner &
    Wonderful children… You are pioneer, independent & original…

    Your best match is 4,6,8 good match is 3,5,7 !!!

    Number 2

    No matter what, you will be loved by every one coz your ruler is the
    Moon and every one loves the Moon. Well.. You are a person who day dream a
    You have very low-self confidence, you need back up for every move in your
    life, you
    Are very much unpredictable. Means you do change according to time and
    Kind a selfish, have a very strong sense of musical, artistic talent,
    verbal communication.
    Your attitudes are like the Moon, comes to gloom and fade away so everybody
    can expect
    Changes in you. You can be a next Mahatma Gandhi who does peace love or you
    can be a
    Hitler who wants to destroy the man kind and peace (I mean in the community
    and your own home).

    If you really have a deep thought about your own believe in God you can
    Feel the difference which will make you stronger! Most of the time your
    Words are a kind of would be happening true! So without any knowledge
    You can predict the situation. You will become poets, writers, any
    Artistic business people!

    You are not strong in love, so you will be there and here till you get
    Marry.. If U r a girl you will be a responsible woman in the whole
    Family. If U r a man you will involve in fights & arguments in the family
    Vice-versa. Means you will sacrifice your life for the goodness sake of
    Your family…You are gentle , intuitive with a broad vision, a power
    Behind the scenes, well balanced People!!!

    Your best match is 2 ,5 ,9 no other people can put up with you !!!

    Number 3

    You are a person of hard hearted, selfish most of the times, religious,
    Loves to climb up in your life. You always tend to have lots of problems
    Within your family in the early stages but you will put up with
    You have the strong word power, pretty happy face.. So wherever you go
    You have got what you wanted!!! And from the birth always wanted to work
    hard in order
    To achieve something.. You will not get
    Anything without hard work! When you reach a man/ woman age you want other
    Once to listen to you because you want younger people to respect people
    older than them.
    You do set so many examples to others. Generally you are not a cool person.
    It’s not easy
    thing dealing with you. A tough player you are! But once you like someone’s
    attitud! e then
    here you go, what can I say? It will be a lasting friendship. You always
    have respect from others.
    Your life seems to have lots of worries and problems but sure they won’t be
    long.. You will always
    have brilliant kids!!! You love the money a bit too much so temptation will
    push you to endless
    trying and trying.. If you are a guy then it’s over. Looking after your
    family and help friends, so you
    will spend a life time just being generous and kind (except 21st born men).
    And number 3s you will
    be such an example of how to be in the culture & life!!! If you are girl
    then you have good character
    and culture & hardworking attitude. You always follow. You are a freedom
    lover, creative, ambition
    focused, a person who brings beauty , hope & joy to this world!!!

    Your best match 6 ,9. Good match 1 ,3 ,5 !!!

    Number 4

    You are very stubborn too, very hard working but unlucky in important
    matters in life, very cool, helpful, you have rough word power.. Might
    put lots of people away from you, you may cause nuisance to others if you
    are a man,
    and you often understands others and their problems well. If you are a girl
    you are very
    good with studies and arts. If you are a guy you spend most of the time
    after girl friends
    (almost) at times, you will have sort of too much fun life with mates &
    girls. Your friends will
    spend your time & money and get away with their life and you will become
    empty handed and
    don’t know what to do… So be careful!! You love to spend anyway!!! Your
    good will is you are
    always there to help family and friends. Tell you what you people are
    little gem! s, specially the girls..
    You always fall in love in younger age as well. You often live with
    disappointments, for an example
    you have got a degree in some thing… but you will be unemployed.. or will
    do very ordinary jobs.
    But you will take care of your family very well…All you need to be
    careful of people who will take
    advantage of your kind heart. And beware of your relations too.. You are
    radical, patient, persistent,
    a bit old-fashioned, you live with foundation & order…

    Your best Match 1, 8. Good match 5 ,6 , 7 !!!

    Number 5

    You are very popular within the community, you can get things done by
    just chatting..to even enemies! You have a pretty good business mind, you
    are often
    have no-idea what is today is like, or tomorrow is like, you are a person
    who does anything
    when your head thinks “lets do this”. You will be famous if you open up a
    get involve in share dealings, music etc.. Very popular with sense of humor
    ,you are
    the one your friends and families will always ask for help, and you are the
    one actually
    get money on credit and help your friends. You will have more than 1
    but when u get settle down you will be a bit selfish anyway. Coz your other
    half will
    have a pretty good amount of control in you, be careful! You tend to go for
    other relationships!
    Contacts even you are married at times ‘coz your popularity.. You are
    someone who get along
    with anyone coz the number 5 is the middle number.. Changes & freedom
    lovers you are! You are
    an explorer with magic on your face. You learn your life through experience
    and it’s your best teacher!!!

    Your best match 1 ,2 ,9. Good match 6 ,8 !!!

    Number 6

    Ooopppss..you are born to enjoy.. You don’t care about others. I mean
    you are always want to enjoy your life time, you are a person.. You will be
    very good in either education or work wise or business management! You are
    kind (but with only people who you think are nice), very
    beautiful girls and guys, popular and more than lucky with anything in
    your lives. All the goodness does come with you. Your mind and body is just
    made perfect for love.
    You are lovable by any other numbers. But if you are a number 6 man, you
    will experience kind of
    looks from most girls and will involve in more than few relationships until
    you get married. If you are girl,
    most of you will get marry/engaged early. You are ! a caring
    person towards your family & friends . If you miss the half-way mark then
    you are about to suffer physically
    and mentally. Generally you will lead a very good inner-home happiness with
    nothing short of. You are a person of compassion, comfort & fairness,
    domestic responsibility, good
    judgment, and after all you can heal this world wounds to make peace for
    every life coz you have the great
    power of caring talent to make this world of love one step further…

    Your best match 1, 6, 9. Good match 4, 5!!!

    Number 7

    You have got the attraction to anyone out there, you are realistic,
    very confident, happy, such a talented individual with your education,
    music, arts, singing, and most importantly acting too. You have real
    with bad temper! If you are a girl, you are popular with the subjects
    listed above.
    You give up things for your parents. I mean you value your family status a
    lot, you will be
    in the top rank when you reach a certain age. If you are a guy you are
    popular with girls,
    you are a very talented too. Most of the number 7s face lots of problems
    with their marriage life.
    Only a very few are happy. You have everything in your life, but still
    always number 7s have some sort of unfullfilness, such worries all their
    lifetime. It’s probably the Lord given you al! l sort of over the
    standard humans talents and you are about to suffer in family life. So you
    need to get ready looking
    for a partner rather than waiting. If you don’t, then you might end-up
    single. So take care with this issue,
    ok? You are wonderful, friendly, artistic, happy person.. You are born to
    contribute lots to this world!!!

    Your best match is 2. Good matches are 1,4 !!!

    Number 8

    You are a very strong personality, there’s no one out there will
    understand you. You are very good at pointing your finger at some thing and
    say “this is what”.
    You are more likely to suffer from the early ages. I mean poverty. If your
    times are not good
    you might lose either of your
    parent and end up looking after your entire family. You often suffer all
    the way in life.
    The problems will not allow you to study further, but you will
    learn the life in a very practical way. You are the one who will fight
    for justice and may die in the war too. You are normally very reserved with
    handful of
    friends and most of the time live life lonely and always
    prepared to help others. Well. once you get married (which is often
    late) then your bad lucks will go away a bit and you! u become safe. You
    will face un-expected
    problems such as : the error, government, poisonous animals, accidents. You
    are some one with
    great discipline, persistence, courage, strength which will take you to
    success. You are a great part
    of a family team. You are a fighter!

    Your Best match 1 ,4, 8. Good match 5 !!!

    Number 9

    Hey…you guys are the incompatibles people in the world. You are so
    strong, physically and mentally… You are often have big-aims. You will
    hard and hard to get there.
    Normally you suffer in the early age from family problems and generally you
    will have fighting life.. But when you
    achieve what you have done, it’s always a big task you have done! You are
    so much respected in
    the community, you are a person who can make a challenge and successfully
    finish the matter off.
    You are very naughty in your younger age, often beaten up by your parents
    and involve in fights
    and you seemed to have lots of injuries in your life time. But when u grow
    you become calm and macho type.
    Love is not an easy matter for you. You are good in engineering or banking
    jobs coz people always trust you.
    Your family life is very good, but will have worries over your children.
    Your such qualities are humanitarian, patient, very wise & compassionate.
    You are born to achieve targets and serve every one all equally without any
    You are totally a role model to anybody in the world for a great

    Your Best match 3, 5, 6, 9. Good match 2

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  • human eye

    *. Your eyes are the most complex organs you possess except for your brain.
    *. Your eyes are composed of more than 2 million working parts
    *. The average person blinks 12 times per minute – about 10,000 blinks in an average day
    *. Your eyes can process 36,000 bits of information every hour.
    *. Only 1/6th of your eyeball is exposed to the outside world
    *. The external muscles that move the eyes are the strongest muscles in the human body for the job that they have to do. They are 100 times more powerful than they need to be.
    *. Colour blind people do see color but confuse certain colors in certain conditions.
    *. Red and Green are the most commonly confused colours among colour blind people.
    *. Colour blindness is 10 times more common in males than females
    *. The eye is the only part of the human body that can function at 100% ability at any moment, day or night, without rest.
    *. Your eyelids and the external muscles of your eyes need rest, the lubrication of your eyes requires replenishment, but your eyes themselves never need rest.
    *. Your eyelashes have an average life span of 5 months.
    *. The eyeball of a human weighs approximately 28 grams.
    *. The eye of a human can distinguish 500 shades of the gray.
    *. People generally read 25% slower from a computer screen than from paper.
    *. Men are able to read fine print better than women can.
    *. The reason why your nose gets runny when you are crying is because the tears from the eyes drain into the nose.
    *. It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
    *. The space between your eyebrows is called the Glabella.
    *. Your eye will focus on about 50 things per second.
    *. Your retina contains 120 million rods for “night vision”, and 8 million cones that are colour sensitive and work best under daylight conditions.
    *. Your Eyes contribute towards 85% of your total knowledge.
    *. About half of our brain is involved in the seeing process. Humans are very much visual animals.
    *. Under the right conditions, the human eye can see the light of a candle at a distance of 14 miles.

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  • sujathaசுஜாதாவின் பத்துக் கட்டளைகள்…

    1. ஒன்றின் மேல் நம்பிக்கை வேண்டும், ஏதாவது ஒன்று. உதாரணம் கடவுள், இயற்கை, உழைப்பு, வெற்றி இப்படி எதாவது… நம்பிக்கை நங்கூரம் போல. கேள்வி கேட்காத நம்பிக்கை. கேள்வி கேட்பது சிலவேளை இம்சை. நவீன விஞ்ஞானம் அதிகப்படியாகக் கேள்வி கேட்டு இப்போது தவித்துக் கொண்டிருக்கிறது.

    2. அப்பா, அம்மா இரண்டு பேரும் வேலை சொல்வது பல சமயங்களில் கடுப்பாக இருக்கும். ஒருமாறுதலுக்கு அவர்கள் சொல்வதைச் செய்து பாருங்கள். அவர்கள் கேட்பது உங்களால் செய்யக் கூடியதாகவே இருக்கும். பொடிநடையாகப் போய் நூறு கிராம் காப்பி பவுடர் (அ) ரேஷன் கார்டு புதுப்பித்தல் இப்படிதான் இருக்கும்.

    3. மூன்று மணிக்குத் துவங்கும் மாட்டனி போகாதீர்கள். க்ளாஸ் கட்பண்ண வேண்டி வரும். தலைவலி வரும். காசு விரயம். வீட்டுக்குப் போனதும் பொய் சொல்வதற்கு ரொம்ப ஞாபக சக்தி வேண்டும். இந்த உபத்திரத்துக்கு உண்மையைச் சொல்லிவிடுவது சுலபம். இளமைக்காலம், ஒளிக் கீற்றைப் போல் மிகவும் குறைந்த காலம், அதை க்யூ வரிசைகளிலும் குறைபட்ட தலைவர்களுக்காகவும் விரயம் செய்யாதீர்கள்.

    4. நான்கு பக்கமாவது ஒரு நாளைக்குப் பொது விஷயங்களைப் படியுங்கள். பொது விஷயங்கள் என்றால் கதை, சினிமா, காதல் இல்லாதவை. உதாரணம் – யோக்கியமான செய்தித்தாள், மற்ற பேரைப் பற்றிக் கவலைப்படும் பத்திரிகைகள் அல்லது லைப்ரரியிருந்து ஒரு புத்தகம்.

    5. ஐந்து ரூபாய் சம்பாதித்துப் பாருங்கள். சொந்தமாக உங்கள் உழைப்பில், முயற்சியில், யோக்கியமாக, மனச்சாட்சி உறுத்தாமல். அடுத்த முறை அப்பாவிடம் ஆயிரம் ரூபாய்க்கு ஷர்ட், சுடிதார் கேட்கும் முன்.

    6. இந்தச் தகவல்களை படிக்கும் நிலைமை பெற்ற நீங்கள் இந்திய சனத்தொகையின் மேல்தட்டு ஆறு சதவிகித மக்களில் ஒருவர். அன்றாடம் சோற்றுக்காக அலையும், வசதியில்லாத கோடிக்கணக்கான மக்களைத் தினம் ஒரு முறை எண்ணிப் பாருங்கள்.

    7. வாரத்தின் ஏழாவது தினமான ஞாயிறன்று என்ன செய்தாலும் காதல் பிஸினஸ் வேண்டாம். காதலுக்கு ரொம்பச் செலவாகும். மனம், வாக்கு, காயம்(உடல்), எல்லாவற்றையும் ஆக்கிரமிக்கும் தீ அது. பொய் நிறையச் சொல்ல வேண்டும். வினோதமான இடங்களில் காத்திருக்க வேண்டும். இந்த வயதில் நாசமாய்ப்போன படிப்புத்தான் உங்களுக்கு முக்கியம்.குறிப்பு: பெண்களை சைட் அடிப்பதும், கலாட்டா பண்ணுவதும், அவர்களுக்கு கர்சீப் முதலியன ரோடிலிருந்து பொறுக்கிக் கொடுப்பதும், உபத்திரமில்லாத கவிதைகள் எழுதுவதும், காதலோடு சேர்த்தியில்லை.

    8.எட்டு முறை மைதானத்தை சுற்றி ஓடினால் எந்தச் சீதோஷ்ணமாக இருந்தாலும் நெற்றி வியர்வை அரும்பும். எதாவது தேகப் பயிற்சி செய்யவும். கடிகாரத்துக்குச் சாவி கொடுப்பதோ சீட்டாடுவதோ தேகப் பயிற்சி ஆகாது. எதையாவது தூக்குங்கள், எதையாவது வீசி எறியுங்கள். உங்கள் உடலில் ஊறும் உற்சாகத்துக்கு ஓர் ஆரோக்கியமான வடிகால் தேவை. ராத்திரி சரியாக தூக்கம் வரும். கன்னா பின்னா எண்ணங்கள் தவிர்க்கப்படும். ஒழுங்காக சாப்பிடத்தோன்றும். பொதுவாகவே சந்தோஷமாக இருக்கும்.

    9. ஒன்பது மணிக்குள் வீட்டுக்கு வரவும். மிஞ்சிப் போனால் ஒன்பது மணி இரண்டு நிமிடம். ஒரு மணி நேரம் பாடம் அல்லது புத்தகம் படிக்கலாம்.

    10. படுக்கப் போகும் முன் பத்து நிமிஷமாவது அம்மா, அப்பா, அண்ணன், தங்கை யாருடனாவது பேசவும் (பேசுவது என்று சொன்னவுடன் காதலியுடன் என்று நினைக்க வேண்டாம், நான் சொன்னது குடும்பத்தினருடன் மட்டும்). எதாவது ஒரு அறுவை ஜோக் அல்லது காலேஜில் நடந்த நிகழ்வுகள். சப்ஜெக்ட் முக்கியமில்லை. பேசுவது தான்.

    இந்த பத்தில் தினம் ஒன்று என்று முயற்சி செய்து தான் பாருங்களேன்.

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  • நீங்கள் வாங்கும் பொருள் எந்த நாட்டுடையது என்பதை பார் கோட் மூலம் அறிந்து கொள்வது எப்படி

    bar code identifying
    சீனாவில் தயாரிக்கப்பட்ட பொருட்கள் என்றால் இப்பொழுது இந்தியா மட்டும் இல்ல, உலகமே சந்தேகம் கண் கொண்டு பாக்க ஆரம்பிச்சுருச்சு …பால் பவுடர் பிரச்சனை,சீன பொம்மைகள் என்று எல்லாத்துலயும் நச்சு பொருட்கள் இருபதாக சொல்ல படுகிறது,சிலர் சீன பொருட்கள் விலை குறைவாக கிடைகிறது என்று தேடி போய் சீன பொருட்களை வாங்குவார்கள் அவர்களுக்கும் இந்த தகவல் பயனுள்ளதாக இருக்கும்.(தவிர்பதற்கும் சரி வாங்குவதற்கும் சரி ),சரி நம்ம எப்படி சீன,தைவான் பொருட்களை தான் நாம வாங்குகிறோமா என்று சரி பார்ப்பது……இப்பொழுது எல்லா பொருட்களுக்கும் பார்கோடு பயன்பாட்டில் உள்ளது என்று உங்களுக்கு தெரியும்,பார் கோடு
    என்பது machine readble format யில் இருக்கும்.அதில் முதல் மூன்று எண்கள் 690.691,692 என்றால் அது சீனாவில் தயாரிக்கப்பட்ட பொருள் என்று அர்த்தம் ,471 என்றால் தைவானில் தயாரிக்கப்பட்ட பொருள் ஆகும்.

    நீங்கள் வாங்கும் பொருள் எந்த நாட்டிலிருந்து வருகிறது என்று இதனை வைத்து தெரிந்து கொள்ளலாம்.போலி மருந்துகள் மாதிரி expiry date யை,இதனை அச்சடிக்க முடியாது என்பதும் நமக்கு கொஞ்சம் ஆறுதல் அளிக்கிறது.இனிமேல் பார்கோடை பார்த்து வாங்குங்க .

    மற்ற நாடுகளின் முதல் எண்கள்
    00-13: USA & Canada
    20-29: In-Store Functions
    30-37: France
    40-44: Germany
    45: Japan (also 49)
    46: Russian Federation
    471: Taiwan
    474: Estonia
    475: Latvia
    477: Lithuania
    479: Sri Lanka
    480: Philippines
    482: Ukraine
    484: Moldova
    485: Armenia
    486: Georgia
    487: Kazakhstan
    489: Hong Kong
    49: Japan (JAN-13)
    50: United Kingdom
    520: Greece
    528: Lebanon
    529: Cyprus
    531: Macedonia
    535: Malta
    539: Ireland
    54: Belgium & Luxembourg
    560: Portugal
    569: Iceland
    57: Denmark
    590: Poland
    594: Romania
    599: Hungary
    600 & 601: South Africa
    609: Mauritius
    611: Morocco
    613: Algeria
    619: Tunisia
    622: Egypt
    625: Jordan
    626: Iran
    64: Finland
    690-692: China
    70: Norway
    729: Israel
    73: Sweden
    740: Guatemala
    741: El Salvador
    742: Honduras
    743: Nicaragua
    744: Costa Rica
    746: Dominican Republic
    750: Mexico
    759: Venezuela
    76: Switzerland
    770: Colombia
    773: Uruguay
    775: Peru
    777: Bolivia
    779: Argentina
    780: Chile
    784: Paraguay
    785: Peru
    786: Ecuador
    789: Brazil
    80 – 83: Italy
    84: Spain
    850: Cuba
    858: Slovakia
    859: Czech Republic
    860: Yugoslavia
    869: Turkey
    87: Netherlands
    880: South Korea
    885: Thailand
    888: Singapore
    890: India
    893: Vietnam
    899: Indonesia
    90 & 91: Austria
    93: Australia
    94: New Zealand
    955: Malaysia
    977: International Standard Serial Number for Periodicals (ISSN)
    978: International Standard Book Numbering (ISBN)
    979: International Standard Music Number (ISMN)
    980: Refund receipts
    981 & 982: Common Currency Coupons
    99: Coupons

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