• Don’t Kill Your Eyes

    Don’t Kill Your Eyes


    All the near death situations suggest suicides. Train, Rope, Ledge are symbolisms used for death. Tagline goes:
    “Don’t kill your eyes. Donate them instead.
    If you don’t donate your eyes at the time of death, you are literally letting them ‘die’ with you. So you are killing your eyes as you don’t let them live on”


    Yes, it is an emotional appeal to let eyes live on even after death. The important point that eyes can make someone else see for rest of their lives is left unsaid. Also the true message of need of vision by millions remains understated. Such social campaigns look good from positive angle. In this series death is more visible than the life. Person committing suicide is usually under much distress and not all would be in a state of mind to donate eyes before taking the plunge or tying the noose.


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